Here's just a small sampling of some smile stories. 



With a missing tooth Sam rarely smiled. Ashamed of his own smile, he was convinced no one else wanted to see it. Dr. Ash was able to change Sam's smile with dental implants. After viewing his new smile, Sam cried 




Chipped teeth are more common than you think. John had an accident as a teen and had to under go cosmetic dental work to fill them in. Cosmetic dentistry is an art that needs to be mastered as the color and design of the tooth has to match the entire mouth in order for it to all blend. Dr. Ash did this case and after John saw his teeth he was ecstatic! 




An at work accident left Brian almost toothless! Dr. Ash reviewed the options to fix his teeth and Brian decided to have an implant done and did not regret his decision. After seeing his teeth Brian immediately thought of his girlfriend and his excited she would be when she saw him. Your smile looks great Brian!