Dental Experts


All of our clinical team members are certified with the American Dental Association to provide premier dental service. They've been trained in techniques and progressive methods to ensure the dental treatment you receive aligns with best practices. They understand that no two patients are alike and will work with you to make sure you are comfortable. 


Meet San Bernardino dentist Dr. Ash Dason, DDS

Best Smile Maker and Toothache Breaker

Dr. Ash earned his bachelors degree in Biology from La Sierra University, earning his Doctorate in Dental Surgery from Loma Linda University just four years later. Born and raised in Redlands, California Dr. Ash is a Southern California native who loves coffee, photography, traveling and french bulldogs. The office boasts to have the most caring dentist in the world and when you meet Dr. Ash, you will think so as well. Dr. Ash Dason ensures he provides patients with the best care possible by implementing progressive methods for the Wildwood Dental Community. When other dental monopolies care only about the bottom line, Dr. Ash focuses on quality, care and compassion. 


Olive the Fancy Frenchie

Wildwood Dental Group's Dogager 

Beyonce is her spirit human. Olive has a demeanor of sass, class and a little bad-ass. She protects all Wildwood Dental Group patients and staff at any cost and doesn't tolerate any horsing around. If she sees any misconduct she will not hold back her discontent. Along with her tenacity comes an adventurous soul determined to be treated the same as a human. She walks aside Dr. Ash to and from work, jumps into the front desk chair as it is her own and will politely growl if anyone is in her seat. Oh and please don't forget your co-payment, she is an accounting savant and has the general ledger memorized at all times. Her loyalty and vitality are what define her as a Frenchie and she simply brings joy wherever she goes!

WDG Dollee.jpg


Dental Consultant Extraordinaire 

Dollee has over 30 years experience in the dental field and has been a part of shaping dental costing for insurance companies, consulting for dental offices across the country and managing multiple dental offices. She is a knowledgable resource in working to get the service you need covered by insurance or helping the office create a financial plan that works for you and  your family. When she isn't solving dental dilemmas, Dollee enjoys traveling, spending time with her grandchildren and flossing.

WDG Tammi.jpg


Distinguished Dental Assistant 

Tammi has worked as a dental assistant for over 20 years and was born and raised in California. Tammy's clinical knowledge rivals google itself. Tammi has received numerous assisting extender functions on top of her dental assisting education. She is precise and accurate makes sure each patient receives the quality treatment she would expect herself. Tammi goes above and beyond to make Wildwood Dental Group's patients feel comfortable and is just so darn good at what she does. When she isn't helping to cure your toothache, Tammi is playing with her dogs and spending time her daughter.

WDG Eileen.jpg


So fresh and So Clean Clean Expert - Dental Hygienist 

Eileen loved helping people and knew she wanted to have a career that would follow her natural creed. She chose to become a hygienist to help you keep oral diseases away! Eileen is kind, patient and works to ensure each inch of your mouth is clean on a regular basis so you can keep your teeth longer. When Eileen is saving your teeth from extractions, she is playing with her kids and husband in the California sun. 

WDG Rose.jpg


Good smiles, Good vibes - Dental Assistant

Rose is a friendly and outgoing, when you come in for your visit you will be welcomed with a big smile from Rose. She is splendid at ensuring you are treated with the best care and are comfortable at a times. Rose loves people and that's the favorite part of her job, meeting new people and getting to know them! When she isn't making sure you have what you need for your treatment, she is spending time with her family cooking up a storm.