Flossing Isn't Just A Dance

Dr. Ash Dason is an avid social media, current events connoisseur, if something is trending online chances are he's aware of it. Recently "flossing" was dubbed as dance move and millions of people around the world began to floss all day, everyday. As oral health advocates we couldn't be more excited for this phenomena but wish dental flossing would be treated with the same enthusiasm. So here's the low down on why and how you should take flossing your teeth more.... or less seriously. 

Brushing has been dubbed as the definition of oral health. In all actuality it's just a portion of the necessary regimen. It's essential to brush and floss but if you're running super late and had to pick one that's more important dentists have been cited to suggest flossing is of more importance. The purpose of daily brushing and flossing is to remove plaque, which are colonies of bacteria in your mouth. The more harmful bacteria live between your teeth and underneath your gums. Brushing your teeth doesn't reach these crevices, where as flossing, when done correctly disrupts these bacteria colonies. 

So how can you floss correctly? 

  1. Wrap the floss between your 2 index fingers, leaving abut 2 inches of floss between your 2 index fingers to floss your teeth with.
  2. Make a C-shape with the floss between your 2 index fingers 
  3. Move the floss up and down between your teeth and under your gums 
  4. Make sure the floss covers as much of the tooth as possible to remove a much plaque from your teeth. 

For more resources your can read directions from Healthline and the American Dental Association

If you need a demonstration come into our office and we'll be happy to show you, both the dance and dental flossing. :) 

Next up on the blog teeth whitening. In office, at home, herbal mixtures and what process is best for you. Until then....

Good Vibes, Good Smiles

Deejay Dason

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